Magical Forest

The midday light subdued under the layered canopy of branches and soft underfoot where the needles had fallen 


Rip Bracken 

I said goodbye to another friend of 13 years on 11/11/16 . He was my first and everybody loved him. I will plant a poppy to remember him I will miss him. 

I decided to get a friend for lonesome Rocky so it’s been a busy time with not much artwork being done 😎meet Rudi Rogers

Follow him on Rudithejackrussellpup on Facebook 

A lovely Gallery


My Good friend Popi is the owner and creator of Mangojuice Gallery and Jewellery within Kings Gallery on New Street in Worcester. Beautiful and interesting hand-crafted items that you will want to take home with you! Popi’s jewellery is lovingly designed and made in her little workshop, theres always something new to look at.


I’m back😀

After a long summer I can finally get back to work. My house renovations dragged on and I ran out of space but now all is calm again. Also I lost my little friend Bertie, he battled with Diabetes for some time but had too many other problems. He’s now at rest over the Rainbow Bridge, and I take comfort in painting him so that he is always at my side. 

My last full size portrait of Bertie 

A beautiful glass heart with some of Bertie’s ashes that I had made by Trina who works in Portland , Oregon.  She can be found on Etsy – Reflections in Glass

So time moves on and Christmas is looming once again. I now have an Etsy store and of course my Facebook page so that you can see what I’m up to. 

January Blues…But why not pinks and yellows and oranges too!

The flat time of year of recovery, dull weather with dark days.It can be a bit of a downer after all the fun of December. It’s also a time for planning for the year ahead. So let’s rise above  this lack- lustre month and throw in a bit of colour.  A brightly coloured throw over an armchair to remind you of summer or  a multi coloured bobble hat to walk the dogs. Paint in brights or cook a colourful meal. Think happy and get through it with little bits of positive. Life’s what you make it.


Have a merry little Christmas

So it’s the wind down for the holidays. Hard to concentrate when there is so much going on in preparation for the festive few days.  

I will leave you with a photograph of the Worcester Swans at winter sundown. A joyful Christmas to you